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Don't Let Rain or Sun Damage The Exterior of Your Property

Discover what our roof protection company can do for you in Lafayette, Rayne, LA and the surrounding areas

Your roof needs to stay in excellent condition in order to protect your property from the elements. Help your roof stay in great condition long-term with the help of a reputable roof protection company. At GoNano of Acadiana, we apply top-quality nanoparticle silicone protective coatings to shingle roofs.

We serve both residential and commercial property owners in Lafayette, Rayne, LA and the surrounding areas who want to give their roofs some extra protection. For a free estimate on our protective coating treatments, reach out to us today.

Explore the services we offer

Our protective coating can be applied to a variety of surfaces around your property. You can turn to us for:

With a protective coating, your surfaces will have more protection from the elements and will last longer. To learn more about what our roofing contractor can do for you, contact us today.